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Drbd is a block device which is designed to build high availability clusters. This is done by mirroring a whole block device via (a dedicated) network. You could see it as a network raid-1. You might need drbd to build Linux based HA clusters.   [ download ]


Csync2 is a cluster synchronization tool. It can be used to keep files on multiple hosts in a cluster in sync. Csync2 can handle complex setups with much more than just 2 hosts, handle file deletions and can detect conflicts. It is expedient for HA-clusters, HPC-clusters, COWs and server farms.   [ Git | download ]


Trapdoor2 allows remote users to execute local commands by sending 'magic cookies'. This can e.g. be used to alter local firewalling rules so people can connect to local services after sending the magick cookie. Trapdoor2 is implemented as high-secure https server.   [ SVN | download ]


A toolchain for autocreating and distributing ssh authorized keys files (as well as distributing other files). The created authorized keys files do only allow logins using the keys from dedicated other hosts. The toolchain also contains a script to visualize the graph of allowed logins for security auditing. There hasn't been an official realease so far.   [ SVN ]


A really short but useful shellscript for connecting to all nodes of a cluster using ssh (also thru gateways and trapdoors) and sending commands to all nodes in parallel. It's using DCOP to remote-control a konsole process with the ssh connections in seperate tabs.   [ download ]


A backup solution for on-disk backups using rsync. It has support for multi-generation backups and other nice stuff. No real release version so far - but the svn head is more-or-less ready for production use.   [ SVN ]


A small LD_PRELOAD_LIBRARY to make PostgreSQL (8.2) and maybe other applications that use System-V shared memory to make use of huge pages.   [ download ]


Drbd-testsuite is a regression test suite for Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD, see also www.drbd.org). DRBD itself is a block device driver for the GNU/Linux operating system that mirrors a disk over the network onto another node.   [ download ]


drbdmanage is a management solution for drbd9. It manages drbd's configuration files and LVM LVs for you. All implemented in python.
[ Git | download ]


The threaded coroutine library (libtcr) is a framework for writing network server applications. Its purpose is to enable developers to write servers making use of multiple CPUs/cores to handle requests of a single connection in a pipelined fashion.   [ more... ]




Unless otherwise specified, these programs are free software; you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.   [ Read the licence ]

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